About Us

The Friends of the Templeton Elders, Inc., is a non-profit public charity formed in 2003 to help build public awareness and raise funds for a new senior center. We are an all-volunteer organization, so 100 percent of the funds raised or donated go toward our mission.

Our mission is focused on assisting with the new Senior Center and the Templeton Food Pantry.

Our first couple of years were focused on building the foundation of the organization. Board members were recruited, by-laws developed, missions defined, and Federal and State legal requirements were met.

Once the organization was established and our mission defined, we offered annual memberships and ran a few small fundraisers. During this time we realized that bringing a new senior center to life was going to a longer road than any of us had first thought. So, as we figured out how to build the momentum, our activity level slowed down.

It was never the intention of the organization to be the sole funding source of the senior center, only a support arm that could fund small items and activities. Now that our town officials understand and support the need for a new senior center, we are once again directing our momentum towards that project.

Any donations made to the Friends of the Templeton Elders are 100 percent tax deductible. Your support for our new Senior Center is truly appreciated!

Board of Directors

President, Gail Noel
Secretary, Linda Thompson
Treasurer, Doug Morrison

Charlene Arsenault
Christine Grossman
Priscilla LeClerc

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